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Can Septum Jewelry Be Used For Smiley?

When you’re looking to buy new septum jewelry, you may not have given much thought to how you’ll be using it, and the different types of septum jewelry that can be used in different ways.

However, there are some things that you should know about your new septum piercing before you start shopping, or even getting pierced at all! One of these is whether or not septum jewelry can be used as smiley piercings – and yes, it can!

Septum Jewelry Basics

Septum piercings are gaining popularity because they offer a more subtle alternative to eyebrow piercings and nose piercings.

A septum piercing is a vertical piercing placed in the center of the cartilage on either side of the nose, making it an ideal alternative for someone who doesn’t want to put holes through their face.

If you’re considering getting your first septum piercing, here’s everything you need to know:

-The Septum Piercing Process: It typically takes 10 minutes or less to pierce the septum and can be done at home with common household objects. However, if you have thick skin near the base of your nose, then we recommend waiting two weeks before getting pierced so that your skin has time to soften up.

-Septum Piercings Pros and Cons: is that it doesn’t hurt as much as other types of piercings. In fact, many people find this type of piercing pleasurable rather than painful because there are no nerves near the area being pierced. Furthermore, since there aren’t any heavy earrings involved with this type of piercing, it can be worn 24/7 without issue.

What is a Septum Ring Used For?

Septum rings are a popular alternative to piercings as they are non-permanent and can be changed or removed at any time. Many people use these types of rings to decorate their nose piercings, but it is also common for them to simply wear them on their own.

However, many people who wear a septum ring will often get this type of jewelry confused with a smiley. A smiley is the name given to a facial piercing that goes through the skin just below the lip so that it comes out just above the chin.

A Septum ring looks like a regular nose ring, while a smiley has two studs on either side of it and is connected by a thin piece of metal called an ‘eyelet.’ There is a significant difference in size between both pieces of jewelry, with the septum ring being much smaller than the smiley.

Additionally, some septum rings have a threaded hole on top where small chains or other materials can be attached to create unique designs.

Septum Rings and Smiley

Septum rings are a popular trend in the body modification world, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made into something different.

For example, take this picture of someone who decided to have their septum ring turned into a wide smiley face. They took the ring off and turned it over to show the other side before taking it to their jeweler.

The person was quoted as saying I really wanted a huge, obnoxious grin on my face. One of their friends then took a picture of them with their new facial piercing.

This is definitely not an idea that is for everyone, but it’s interesting to see what people can do with this type of body mod.

How to Choose the Right Septum Ring

There are a variety of factors that go into choosing the right septum ring, but I’ll start with the basics. There are two types of piercings: cartilage piercings and lip piercings.

You will want to make sure your piercing is in one of these spots. If it is not, don’t fret. You can still wear a septum ring by piercing your ear or nose and wearing it there instead.

Septum rings come in a variety of styles and metals; they can range from simple single-band rings to more ornate diamond studded designs.

You might have a preference as to which style suits you best, so keep this in mind while shopping around. One thing to consider is what type of metal you prefer: gold, silver or titanium.

Some people feel like they need all three because each metal has its own appeal and charm, but many people find they prefer just one metal over the others.

Gold has always been the classic choice because it’s inexpensive (but sometimes contains nickel) and tarnishes less quickly than silver does.

Titanium offers all sorts of benefits such as being lightweight and nonreactive with other materials when worn against your skin (and most piercers won’t use anything else). Silver also offers many benefits such as having antimicrobial properties that kill germs on contact.

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