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If you want to know how much college admission counselors make, this article will give you an idea. A college admission counselor has many responsibilities that include helping students prepare for college and providing information about college admissions in general. College admission councilor salary can vary from $30,000-$90,000 depending on the type of school they work at and other factors as well.

What are the Responsibilities of a College Admission Counselor?

The above list is not a complete list of responsibilities of a college admission counselor, but it’s good for a base definition. Before we look at the benefits, it’s important to look at the various responsibilities of a college admissions counselor. College counseling There are two types of college counselors: public and private school.

Public school counselors are generally appointed by the principal or superintendent of the school or director of admission at the school. Private school counselors are hired by the school board of trustees. Also read: When is the best time to apply for financial aid? College tours College admissions counselors have one main job: to take college tours for high school students.

How much do College Admission Counselors Make?

According to the school website College Confidential, the highest paid college admissions counselors make over $70,000, while the lowest paid counselors make over $20,000 per year. Compensation is based on student admissions volume.

So higher admissions counselors will receive higher salaries. For example, if a student commits to a college with an admissions rate of 10%, a counselor at that college will receive $12,000 per student. If the admissions rate is 17%, that same counselor will receive $20,000 per student. Here is a chart detailing the salaries of admissions counselors, broken down into percentages.

What Universities do they Work at?

There are many colleges and universities that hire college admission counselors, including Ohio State University, University of Alabama, Cornell University, and many more. At these schools, the pay and the services they provide is worth the money it costs to hire them. What are their qualifications? Many colleges require an associate degree, but some colleges require higher degrees. They also have to complete a professional program.

Some colleges allow for former high school students to work as college admission counselors. The requirements for a college admission counselor to work at a specific college vary. Some schools require you to have a Bachelors Degree in counseling or an education field. Other schools may require an MBA or other professional degree.

Do different colleges have different types of admission counselors?

Yes. There are three main types of college admissions counselors. There are admissions counselors, applicant tracking counselors and college counselor. Some colleges only use one of these three types. Admissions Counselors Admissions counselors are the most common type of college admissions counselor.

They handle information about the application and will be part of the phone or in-person interview process. Admission counselors are also the person who has to go on your campus and get the acceptance letter for you if your family did not submit the application. Applicant Tracking Counselors Applicant tracking counselors are not paid on a salary basis, so they usually have other side jobs.


Educating yourself on how to succeed in the college admissions process can help give you the confidence you need to show your prospective college or university how much effort you’ve put into your application. This article has definitely given you some things to think about while preparing for your admissions essay or during your admissions interview. All you have to do now is create a personalized list of characteristics that will help you achieve your dreams.

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