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 How Organize Jewelry Without A Jewelry Box:

You’ve probably heard the saying, If you haven’t worn it in one year, you probably won’t wear it ever again, but that doesn’t mean that your jewelry has to be completely discarded.

Instead of letting pieces languish in your closet or gathering dust on a shelf, why not find new and creative ways to display them?

Jewelry boxes are great, but they can also be expensive and take up valuable space in your home.

If you’re looking to save money while still getting some organizational help, here are 5 tips on How To Organize Jewelry Without A Jewelry Box.

1. Hang It On A Pegboard

Hang it on the back of your door. Pegboard is used for clothes hangers, but it can also be used for jewelry storage.

Hang your necklaces and bracelets from hooks and peg them out in order to see what you have without even opening the door.

Plus, if you have any earrings or small items that you don’t wear often, this is an easy way to get them off your dresser top while still being able to see them!

Stack it in bins . Stackable bins are perfect for storing jewelry as they provide visibility without taking up much space on your dresser or vanity.

They’re also great because they allow you to store smaller items like rings, earrings, and bracelet with larger pieces like necklaces which saves time when looking for something specific.

Store things like watches together in their own bin so that they’re not lost at the bottom of your drawer where no one will find them until the next time you clean out your jewelry box.

Stackable bins come in all different shapes and sizes depending on how many things you want to store inside. If you want to store more than just jewelry use clear containers instead of plastic ones so that everything is visible making it easier to find when needed.

2. Put It In A Picture Frame

You can place your jewelry in an old picture frame and hang it on the wall. This is perfect for necklaces and earrings that don’t need to be in their own separate place.

You can also make a small jewelry box with a frame by cutting off the sides of an old picture frame and covering it with fabric.

Get creative with clothespins or binder clips by attaching them from one side of your dresser drawer to the other.

You could then attach hooks or clips on either side of the opening to put your jewelry in as you take it out of drawers when doing laundry or putting them away at night before bed. so they stay organized as well!

3. Sort It By Color

1) Sort your jewelry by color. This will make it easier to find the right necklace, earrings, or bracelet when you’re getting dressed in the morning. It will also help you identify what type of jewelry is missing when searching for a matching set.

2) Sort your jewelry by material. Golds and silvers can be kept together, but it’s best to keep pearls, crystals, and gems separate from metals because they may scratch and dull them over time. Keep costume pieces like rhinestones and beads in their own section so they’re easy to find too.

3) Make use of drawers and shelves that are built into your dresser or furniture for extra storage space. You can store things like stud earrings, chains, and charms in small containers that fit neatly inside. Use clear containers to display necklaces so you’ll know which ones to wear with which outfits.

4) Arrange items according to how often they get worn: the jewelry you wear most often should be stored on top with less-worn items below. If you have lots of smaller bracelets, try stacking them on top of each other instead of piling them up at one end; this way you’ll never lose any!

4. Use A Bulletin Board

Organizing jewelry without a jewelry box is not as hard as it sounds. You just need to get creative and use some of the things that are in your home already!

1. Use the T-shirt trick: Put all of your necklaces on one side of the T-shirt, then fold it over to cover them. Lay the T-shirts out on the floor next to each other and you’ll have an easy way to see what you have for necklaces when you want it!

2. Roll Up Rings With Earrings On Top: Get two old t-shirts or sheets and cut off their sleeves. Then, roll up the shirts so they look like tight cylinders with the openings facing down so you can’t see through them. Place rings along one side of the tube, followed by earrings on top, followed by more rings if there’s room before tucking it closed with elastic bands or string ties at both ends.

3. Tie A Scarf Around A Chair Back For Earrings: Wrap a scarf around the back of a chair (around where your neck would be) then hang earrings from loops on either end of the scarf to create a necklace effect while still keeping them hidden away from view!

5. Keep It In A Cosmetic Bag

One easy way to organize your jewelry without a jewelry box is by placing it in a cosmetic bag. This can be done by grouping similar pieces together, like bracelets and necklaces or earrings and rings.

These items can also be bundled together using rubber bands or hair ties. Or you can keep them in their original packaging and place the whole box inside the bag.

There are a number of reasons why this method might work better for you than some of the others mentioned so far: if you have long hair, etc.

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