ISEE vs. SSAT: Which One Is Right For You?

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On June 22, 1997, the International Satellite Bus Experiment, or ISEE, was launched as a NASA project at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. ISEE was built to study the behavior of electrical and thermal radiation coming from the solar wind, much like a ship sent out to measure the behavior of wind in a heavily inhabited port city.

The mission of the ISEE was extended, and it is currently being operated for at least another two years by a consortium of space science researchers at NASA, the University of Maryland, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and various universities in the United States and Mexico.

Unlike a typical space mission, however, the ISEE does not have a complete mission.

The Difference Between the Two

ISEE: the Institute for Space Science Explorer.

The SSAT: the Small Spacecraft Orbital Testbed.

When In Use, The ISEE Can Be Used For Numerous Applications.

The reasons why the ISEE is the oldest satellite, still in orbit.

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SSAT can also be used as an amateur satellite.

I would argue that both ISEE and the SSAT are both fantastic instruments for educational and research purposes.

Whose is Right for You?


The Benefits of Each Exam

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How to Choose Between the Two

Here are some comparisons of the two platforms:



SSAT – A 35-question multiple choice test.

– A 35-question multiple choice test. Isis – A 40-question multiple choice test.

– A 40-question multiple choice test. Isis – A 5-hour structured exam.

– A 5-hour structured exam. Isis – A 3-hour online exam.

– A 3-hour online exam. Isis – A 3-hour structured exam.

SSAT – A 2.5-hour essay-based test.

– A 2.5-hour essay-based test. Isis – A 2-hour essay-based test.

– A 2-hour essay-based test. Isis – A 2-hour oral exam.


Isis – A 55-question multiple choice test.

– A 55-question multiple choice test. Isis – A 10-question multiple choice test.

– A 10-question multiple choice test. Isis – A 2-hour open-book test.

– A 2-hour open-book test. Isis – A 2-hour structured exam.


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