Roman Catholic High School 2024: Admission, Tuition, Scholarships

Roman Catholic High School – As a catholic school, we feel that our faith is absolutely essential to what we offer. And while we are proud to have produced such an accomplished group of alumni, the most important thing to us is that they have developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Roman Catholic High School 2022: Admission, Tuition, Scholarships

In the United States, there are approximately 1.5 million Catholic high school students. If your son or daughter is one of them, you may want to know about Catholic high school admissions.

One thing you’ll need to know is that admission to a Catholic high school will require a complete application process, which includes an interview, letters of recommendation, transcripts and standardized test scores.

It’s also important to note that not every candidate will be accepted during this process. However, with the right preparation, admissions to a Catholic school may be possible for your child! To learn more about the process and how you can get started on the right foot, read on!

About Roman Catholic High School

How do you know if Catholic education is right for your child? That’s a great question. Catholic schools are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

They provide an environment where students can grow in faith and academics, and prepare for their futures as leaders in a global society. If you’re interested in knowing more about what we have to offer, continue reading for more information about our high school programs.

Roman Catholic High School is a catholic school for grade 9-12 students established in 1890. Its establishment was out of the benevolence of Thomas E. Cahill.

This school located in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia draws students from throughout the Delaware Valley.

These students are given the opportunity to take part in the academic curriculums, competitive sports programs, and engaging activities provided by the high school.

Roman Catholic High School Contact Address

Roman Catholic High School
301 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Roman Catholic High School Accreditations

Roman Catholic High school is one of the top high schools accredited by the State of Pennsylvania and the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Why You Should Study aRoman Catholic High School

Roman Catholic High School from its inception has been setting the standard for secondary education in the Philadelphia region. The high school provides a preparatory curriculum that is specifically built to challenge students at all academic levels.

The school unlike most high schools in Philadelphia gives room for creativity and high goal setting. They do this by ensuring that their students have enabling environment that can help them dream big and craft their career pathway.

As a student at Roman, you will be given the platform to explore new possibilities both in and out of the classroom.

Furthermore, upon graduation, you can boost of outstanding experience and skills required for high performance in college and university.

Roman Catholic High School Departments

Roman has nine departments. These departments offers different courses including advancement courses. Here is a list of the departments:

  • ELA
  • Fine Arts
  • P.E
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Theology
  • Math
  • BCIT
  • World Languages

The courses offered in each of these departments can be college prep, academic or Honor. Let’s take a brief look at what is happening in the departments.


ELA 1 is a course that offers students at the high school the platform where they can develop an appreciation and understanding of the literary genres through discussion and writing.

The course will help you as a student be proficient in grammar and sentence structure. ELA can be taught as an Honor, College prep or Academic. Here are course catalogs for each of them


  • ELA II: Early American Literature
  • ELA IV: Modern to Contemporary American Literature

College Prep

  • ELA II: Early American Literature
  • ELA IV: Modern to Contemporary American Literature


  • ELA II: British and World Literature
  • #ELA II: Early American Literature
  • ELA IV: Modern to Contemporary American Literature

Advancement Programs at Roman

At Roman Catholic High School, over 10 Advanced Placements Courses are available for anyone interested in studying there. With courses or electives, any student there can become a truly well-rounded individual. The courses includes:

  • English
  • World Languages
  • Science and Health
  • Business
  • Fine Art
  • Music
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Undergraduates

Lets take them one after the other.


  • Advanced Placement Language & Composition,
  • Advanced Placement Literature & Composition

World Languages

The advance courses are in:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • French

Science and Health

The advanced Placement courses are in:

  • Biology
  • Physics 1
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Astronomy
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering
  • Introduction to Sports Medicine
  • Physics

Social Science

The courses include;

  • Comparative Government
  • Advanced Placement Psychology,
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • American Government
  • Comparative Government
  • Advanced Placement United States History.


The advanced Placement courses are in:

  • Advanced Placement Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Placement Statistics


The courses include;

  • Studio Art, I through IV,
  • PAFA Program
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Videography.


The advanced Placement courses are in:

  • Advanced Placement Macroeconomics
  • Computer Programming
  • Accounting I
  • Coding
  • Business Economics
  • Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Technology


The courses include;

  • Music I through IV
  • Choral Music I through IV

What is this High School Admission Process Like?

To get admitted into Roman Catholic High school, you must follow the admission process strictly. Normally, the process for 9th grade students starts with a Scholarship Entrance Exam which is mandatory.

The Exam is the basic prerequisties for admission consideration into the high school. As such, to register for the Entrance Exam, its expedient you follow the right way, which is clicking the link right below.

Scholarship Entrance Exam

Note, a refundable payment of $50 is to be made.

If you have any questions about the registration process, do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Team. During this process, you will be required to:

  • Complete school forms
  • Upload documents
  • Track your progress via student checklists.

Just like every college has an admission process any applicants desiring to study there must follow, so also is Trinity Baptist College.

The College structured their admission process and requirements in such a way that each applicant category has its own requirements and process to follow.

Transfer Student Admission Process

For students applying as Transfer students, the following steps are considered:

  • Complete the entire application and submit it through this web-based form
  • Submit copies of transcripts of all completed grades (8-11) and grades to-date for the current year, if the transfer is occurring during a school year.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation by a non-relative.
  • Arrange an interview with the Director of Admissions with the Admissions Committee.

Important Dates

Here are Roman’s important dates that you shouldn’t forget in a hurry as an applicant.


Scholarship Entrance Exams


Spring Open House



7th Grade Practice Test


OCT 2020

Student Discovery Day


Fall Open House

Roman High School Tuition Cost

Roman Catholic High School tuition cost varies. Although the tuition for all the levels is the same, there is a slight difference in the tuition fees.

Despite that, it is one of the most affordable in the state. The table below explains better.

Class Tuition School Fees Total Cost
Freshmen Tuition $8,050 $1,400 $9,450
Sophomore Tuition $8,050 $1,600 $9,650
Junior Tuition $8,050 $1,600 $9,650
Senior Tuition $8,050 $1,400 $9,450

Note, an annual fee of $42 will be paid monthly. And $10 for a semi-annual payment plan.

What is Roman Catholic High School Ranking?

According to, Roman Catholic High School is ranked as follows:

  • #186 0f 201 Best All-Boys High Schools in America
  • #541 0f 25,769 Best High Schools for Athletes in America
  • #970 of 1,144 Best Catholic High Schools
  • #13 of 14 in Best All-Boys High Schools in Pennsylvania
  • #21 of 1,005 in Best High Schools for Athletes in Pennsylvania
  • #53 of 73 in Best Catholic High Schools in Pennsylvania
  • #109 0f 189 in Best College Prep Private High Schools in Pennsylvania
  • #136 of 196 Private High Schools

Roman Catholic High School Athletic

Roman’s athletic department has a long-standing reputation for success. Their athletic program is structured to help students improve their talents physically, emotionally and socially while promoting a sense of teamwork, individuality and self-reliance.

The athletic program is home to 35 teams, with some freshmen programs and 17 different sports. Roman takes advantage of all that the City of Philadelphia has to offer, with our athletic centers spread across the City and beyond.

Available Roman Catholic High School Scholarships?

Roman Catholic High School Scholarships include:

  • CEO America
  • Daniel Sweeney Memorial Scholarship
  • Family Choice Scholarship
  • Go Forward Education Foundation, Inc.
  • Howley Scholarship
  • Josephine C. Connelly Achievement Award
  • Norphans Grant
  • Northeast Catholic Alumni Grants
  • Michael Kubiak and Sean Francis McCloskey Scholarship Fund
  • Sean P. Miller Scholarship Fund
  • St. Thomas More Alumni Scholarship
  • Monsignor John T. Mitchell Trust Scholarship
  • Montgomery Scholarship Application 2021

Other Important Facts about Roman Catholic High School

  • For the Class of 2020, 73% of test-takers met or exceeded the SAT’s Benchmark for college readiness for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.
  • Over the past four years, Roman has had a total of 30 perfect scores on the National Latin Exam.
  • In recent years, the graduating classes of Roman Catholics have averaged $22 million in college grants and scholarships.
  • On average, 96% of Roman graduates attend postsecondary institutions.

To get additional information about this high school, visit the official website by clicking the button below.

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