The Easiest Way to Screen Record in Windows 10

How to record the screen with audio in Windows 10? Use the best screen recorder to capture any activity on your PC in high quality for free. Get a complete screen recording guide.

Screen recording different activities on your computer is very common nowadays because it is the best way to capture online lectures, record gameplays, and create a video as a hobby or earn money. An ideal way for gamers to create gameplay videos with audio and face cam is with the windows 10 screen recorder. Students use the screen recorder to record online classes, and professionals use it to record meetings.

With so many benefits of screen recording, people always wonder what the easiest way to screen record in Windows 10 is? There are paid screen recorders that provide you with the best features, but you can easily get similar high-quality screen recorder features for free as well. This article explains the best ways to screen record on your PC with the best free screen recorder.

The Built-in Screen Recorder in Windows 10

With the high demand for screen recorders, Windows 10 has a built-in high-quality screen recorder that allows users to record HD videos with audio. Xbox Game Bar is the screen recorder Windows 10 program that can record gameplays in high fps, capture any activity on your PC, and record the online lesson and Zoom meetings with audio. You only need to press the Win + G keys to start the screen recorder at any time.

How to Create Screen Recordings From your Desktop?

If you only want to use basic screen recorder features, then the Xbox Game Bar is the easiest way to capture gaming clips and record your screen. Before using the Xbox Game bar, you must enable it in the settings. Open the Start menu and open settings. Navigate to gaming and click on Xbox Game Bar. Enable it by clicking on the toggle shat. Here are the steps to use the built-in screen recorder windows 10.

STEP 1: Press the Win + G keys to open the Xbox Game Bar.

STEP 2: Press the Win + Alt+ R keys or click on the Start recording button to start the recorder.

STEP 3: Click on the green button on your capture status to stop the recording.

You can get basic screen recording features in the Xbox Game Bar screen recorder, and there are a few drawbacks. It only gives you limited video editing features, and you can’t specify the capture ratio. You also can’t pause and resume your recording, so you have to combine multiple recordings to complete your video.

The Best Free Screen Recorder for your PC?

You don’t have to use the built-in screen recorder in windows 10 because you can get the best screen recorder for PC with professional screen recording and video editing features completely free. If you are wondering how to record Zoom meeting without permission,  iTop Screen Recorder is the best free screen recorder for your PC that allows you to record zoom meetings without permission, record gameplays with face cam, clip any activity on your PC, and record audio from Spotify.

You can use iTop Screen Recorder to record video in 4k/1080p with 120 fps and without lag. It is a highly efficient tool that requires low CPU usage, meaning you can record any game you want without worrying about fps drop or system heat-up. You can capture the screen flexibly and select the area you want to record. Here are all the recording steps for the iTop Screen Recorder.

STEP 1: Install the iTop Screen Recorder on your PC for free.

STEP 2: Open the iTop Screen Recorder when you want to record something.

STEP 3: Select the screen region you want to record, set the capture ratio, and select audio options.

STEP 4: Press the F9 key or click “REC” to start recording.

STEP 5: Pause the recording anytime and click on the red button to stop recording.

STEP 6: Open the list of your recordings, watch the preview, and edit any recording using the iTop Screen Recorder.


Looking for the best screen recorder for PC, iTop Screen Recorder is the best choice. It is free and gives the user access to all professional screen recording features. It works on all Windows and records videos in high-quality and 120 Fps. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can record with audio, record webcams, record Zoom meetings secretly, and save your recording in any video or audio format.

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