11 High Paying Summer Jobs in Alaska (And Duties)

What’s the minimum wage in Alaska?

According to the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the current minimum wage in Alaska is $10.34 per hour. Wages for employees in Alaska may be higher depending on their skills, responsibilities and place of employment. Some employees who work in Alaska for the summer can also earn additional income from tips and bonuses.

11 high-paying jobs in Alaska for the summer

Here are 11 high-paying jobs in Alaska for the summer that pay above the state’s minimum wage. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Bartender

Alaska average hourly wage: $12.47 per hour

Primary duties: A bartender is a mixologist who prepares and serves alcoholic beverages. They follow customers’ desires and offer suggestions on which drinks a customer may like. They exhibit effective social skills, as they often interact with customers in fast-paced environments. A bartender may work on a cruise ship or take a position in a club or restaurant. Since they work with regulated substances, a bartender also verifies customers’ ages before serving them.

2. Tour guide

Alaska average hourly wage: $13.69 per hour

Primary duties: A tour guide is a professional who escorts individuals on trips to historical sites, natural landmarks and other popular attractions. They are highly knowledgeable and educate visitors about the area’s history or interesting facts. A tour guide can answer visitors’ questions and relay interesting stories of their own. Once a tour concludes, a tour guide may ask visitors for feedback so that they can understand how to improve the quality of future tours.

3. Hunting guide

Alaska average hourly wage: $14.96 per hour

Primary duties: A hunting guide is a professional who leads hunting expeditions for clients. They plan a hunting expedition by gathering supplies for clients to use and learning about the best locations for hunting trips. During an expedition, a guide teaches clients how to use hunting gear safely and effectively. They comply with local, state and federal regulations on what kind of game they can pursue. A hunting guide may also help clients prepare the harvested game, depending on the itinerary they create.

4. Concierge

Alaska average hourly wage: $15.56 per hour

Primary duties: A concierge is an individual who works in the tourism industry. They help clients check in to their hotel rooms, make restaurant reservations and book spa services. A concierge may also arrange for the delivery of additional supplies to a guest’s room, like extra towels and toiletries. If a client wants to know fun things to do or attractions to see in the area, a concierge can provide informed guidance.

5. Fish cutter

Alaska average hourly wage: $16.43 per hour

Primary duties: A fish cutter is responsible for cleaning and preparing seafood for cooking. They can work in seafood departments, restaurants or processing plants. Some fish cutters find work on private boats to prepare seafood for people who are on long fishing expeditions. A fish cutter is typically comfortable using various kitchen knives and other tools to remove inedible portions of seafood while keeping the underlying meat intact.

6. Deckhand

Alaska average hourly wage: $17.00 per hour

Primary duties: A deckhand is a professional who helps maintain and operate nautical vessels. Deckhands often accept work on one ship or boat and remain a part of the crew on a long-term basis. They may perform aesthetic maintenance on the vessel, like polishing or painting surfaces. They may also perform general maintenance on the boat’s various parts and technologies like navigation systems.

7. Oil field worker

Alaska average hourly wage: $17.15 per hour

Primary duties: An oil field worker is a professional who helps extract oil from land-based sites. They set up oil rigs and communicate with drillers to ensure that the process goes smoothly. They perform routine maintenance on all drilling equipment to prevent issues. An oil field worker also ensures that they and all crew members comply with safety protocols.

8. Restaurant manager

Alaska average hourly wage: $20.62 per hour

Primary duties: A restaurant manager is a supervisor who oversees a restaurant’s daily activities. They create work schedules for dishwashers, bussers, hosts and cooks. They also hire more staff members as necessary, track inventory levels, maintain sanitary conditions and collaborate with the restaurant owner to establish revenue goals.

9. Bus driver

Alaska average hourly wage: $20.81 per hour

Primary duties: A bus driver is responsible for operating heavy vehicles and transporting passengers safely. They can work for summer camps and transport school-aged children to and from recreational activities. They can also work for bus lines and transport people to and from work and other destinations. Some bus drivers may work for tour guides, helping them travel greater distances for their tours.

10. Park ranger

Alaska average hourly wage: $28.10 per hour

Primary duties: A park ranger in Alaska can work at any of Alaska’s several national parks, including Glacier Bay National Park or Denali National Park. This professional enforces regulations that relate to visitors’ behavior and follows safety protocols for fire prevention. Some of their other responsibilities include picking up litter, providing information to visitors and clearing trails of overgrown branches and shrubs.

11. Boat captain

Alaska average hourly wage: $30.04 per hour

Primary duties: A boat captain ensures that their ship’s operations go smoothly. They oversee the ship’s cargo, cleanliness, staff members, routes and security. If the ship doesn’t have a purser, the captain may also be responsible for handling the ship’s accounting. A boat captain may have other responsibilities during international voyages, like following regulations that customs officials establish.

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